Berifly Expalin the process of Alter & shut company.

Describe the process of Alter & shut company.

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Hello Sid! Good to see your questions on the forum. I am very happy to see active members like you on our Tally ERP 9 Course.

Alter could mean two things. Altering Company Information (i.e. the Company Masters - created at the time of Company Creation). For this purpose you need to go from :

Gateway of Tally > Alt + F3 > (press) A (or select Alter)

Alter could also mean switching to another company while working in a Tally ERP 9 company file. As you know Tally ERP 9 allows you to work in multiple company files simultaneously. This is also known as TOGGLING b/w two companies. For this purpose you need to go from :

Gateway of Tally > F1 > select the company file that you want to open and work with besides the one that is already open

Shutting down a company is simple. From Gateway of Tally press Alt + F1. Tally will display the list of companies that are open. select the company you want to shut and press Enter. In case only one company file was open when you pressed Alt + F1 Tally, being an intelligent software, does not take you to the list of open companies and instead shuts the open company directly.

Hope that answers your question. If you need to know more let me know.


This option allows you to alter information about the existing company, you can modify any information at any time that is set while creating a company.

Go to Gateway of Tally

Select F3: Cmp Info. (ALT+F3) from the button bar

Select Alter and press Enter and the screen appears

Select the company from the List of Companies and press Enter to view the Company Alteration screen.

Make the necessary changes in the required fields and accept the screen.

This option allows you to delete an existing company.

To delete a company, you have to load the company first.

Select F3: Cmp Info. (ALT+F3) from the Gateway of Tally to proceed to the Company Information menu.

Select Alter and press Enter.

Select the company to be deleted. The Company Alteration screen is displayed.

Use Alt + D to delete. Tally.ERP 9 will prompt for a confirmation on deleting the company.