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The Jobtracer is available and accessible from browser.

It will be good if 2 are more members from our class run the job simultaneously and see....I was not able to access the Host, because I was connected to VPN

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i was able to connect to the ec2 host w/o issue, copy the files over using filezilla and ran a job but seems to be the task is stuck , no errors in the name node logs.

If you are using mac, you need to copy the pem file to your local disk.
ssh -i dzhadoop.pem

used filezilla to copy the jarfiles and hdfs put to copy the input file and then ran this command,

hadoop jar /home/ubuntu/data/HadoopEx.jar com.sample.WordCount /user/ubuntu/dezyre/input /user/ubuntu/dezyre/output1

Hope it helps.

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