Banking Jobs - I am ex bank officer wanting to become Investment Banker - will this course help me?

Dear Binny,
Before placing before u my query, I would like to introduce to u:
I am Ex banker(officer)spend almost 80% in credits. I used to go analyzing the balance sheet for working capital and preparing projections future for term loans etc.In addition to that I handled retail assets portfolio successfully.Your course tempt me to go the basics of advances.Moreover while working with bank I prepared II nd line of my choice.g Capital market.Your videos are effective and interesting. Presently I am engaged in as concurrent audit of nationalized banks.
Now the moot question: If I joined your Investment Banking/equity research course whether it will be benefited to me? is it possible for me get placements in this field? Now this field is my passion and liking hence request.
With Best Regards,

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Hi Shrikant,

The investment banking course is definitely very helpful to your career as a banker. It will teach you the fundamentals of financial modelling and valuation. Through the course you can also talk to industry faculty to get career guidance. I would also recommend that apart from investment banking you could also focus on relevant domains such as equity research, capital markets, credit rating etc.


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