can the multiple charges opened for the same transaction

can the multiple charges like fright and tax can opened for the same transaction

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hi Sumukha! I believe you are talking about purchase transactions. if so,Yes Multiple Charges can be opened for same transaction.

1) from Gateway of Tally > F11 Features > F2 (Inventory Features) > (set YES to) Track Additional Costs of Purchase

2) set up ledgers for multiple charges in the Accounting Masters

3) when you are making the purchase invoice/bill these ledgers will appear in the space below the items line. charges ledgers drop-down will automatically appear in this space from which you can select.

4) In case you want to allocate these charges to the items in the invoice bill go to the Accounting Groups Masters : Gateway of Tally > Masters > Accounts Info > Groups > Alter > (choose the group under which you have created Multiple Charges Ledgers and set YES to) Method Used to Allocate when used in Purchase Invoice > (choose to allocate by Qty or Value depending on your company policy)

Hope I have answered your Question. If I have not please tell me and I will try to answer it. are you also asking from a sales perspective? if yes do reply and let me know.