Hadoop Certification

Is there only one Hadoop certification test? What are the options and where does one register for the certification exam? Also what additional steps to this class are recommended for someone to prepare adequately for the exam?

Thank you so much.

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hi Raymond,

If you are interested to get the hadoop certification I suggest to look at Cloudera's CCD-410 which can be accessed from http://www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera/en/training/certification/ccdh.html

In the above link there are links to prep-tests and study guides. Also there is another link where you can take Hadoop tests for free

I hope the above links will get you started.



Big Data is a growing world, Hadoop is just one part, its a complement of big data, there are many other certification that can prepear you for Bigdata.
For example: IBM InfoSphere Streams (data in motion analytics) and Hadoop (data at rest analytics).
We are learning just a peace of the Bigdata world.
Having a certification is super,but this course will help you alot in to passing your hadoop cert and other bigdata application and certifications.


This link is not working http://www.crinlogic.com/hadooptest.html.
Please provide me a valid link


could anyone reply me..the link "http://www.crinlogic.com/hadooptest.html" is not working.When i try to register getting an error "Connection Failedmysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using the old insecure authentication".