what is effective use of excel?

what is effective use of excel?

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Excel is an application generically known as a spreadsheet. It's primary function is to do math although it can be used for making list and tables also.

It's primary usefulness is in performing multiple math calculation based on entered numbers is an array (sheet) on the screen. If any of the enter numbers are altered Excel automatically recalculates all the results that depended on that number.

It's best simply described as a calculator except it can show you many numbers and results at once and do many math operations seeming simultaneously - all shown in boxes on the screen.

If you don't have a need to do a lot of math calculations, it will seem useless to you. For many who do, it's a very valuable tool. I'm an engineer and I've used Excel almost daily for years. I'm not sure how I could work without it.

Excel is to someone who works with numbers a lot like a word processor (Word) is to someone who writes a lot.


-checking spreadsheet prepred by others
-data analysis
-standardisation of data
automation of routine task (macro)
-Export from excel to other packages
-taking control of file prepared by others