Employment Website related list not show on the Position Layout

I'm stuck on page 123 of Force.com Platform Fundamentals. When I edit Position Layout, and click on Related Lists, there's no Employment Websites related list, and I'm unable to proceed until I determine why.

I've implemented the 2 Master-Detail relationships between Job Posting - Employment Websites, and Job Posting - Position. Isn't this supposed to be the change that should have allowed the Employment Website related list to show on the Position object?

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Ok, I now know what I did wrong. on the 2 Master-Detail relationships I created on the Job Posting custom object (to create the many-to-many relationship between the Position object and Employment website) I didn't name the Related List Label the same as they suggested in the book.

Then, when they asked me to find the "Employment Website" related list on Position layout, and "Position" related list on "Employment Website" layout, I couldn't find them, because they were named something else. Later I discovered the information under the different related list names I had. Have since corrected the related list names for the 2 Master-Detail records, to be the correct names - "Employment Website" and "Position".