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Stuck on page 153 of Force.com platform Fundamentals.

Hi all, I'm stuck on page 153 of Force.com platform Fundamentals.

The issue I'm having is: Min Pay / Max Pay are custom fields I created, yet the tool will not allow me to reset the "visible" checkbox - it says they are "Required". The manual says some field-level security settings on some fields cannot be modified - this is because either they are system-generated fields, or act as lookup relationship fields (foreign keys) to other records.

Because I created these custom fields, I don't think they're system-generated. However, If I've got them functioning as lookup fields, I don't know where? I hope someone can help me... thanks!

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You might have created these fields as required and required fields cannot be hidden from layout and so you are not able to deselect visible. These 2 fields should be not be required. Please re-check

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