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If we want to compare records from a source system to data that is just added to SFDC how do we do that?

Say I have 40k records in S System A and then 5 k in Source system B. I add the records to SFDC using data loader. How can i test to see that all the 45 k records. Do I need to write SQL to test SFDC data?

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@Parshant :- If I got ur question correctly, you want to check data for all records in SFDC. This can achieved as u said by firing a SOQL in SFDC or extract data using dataloader in a csv and then compare with source system.


Yes Prashant to count number of records you have to fire SOQL not SQL and query will be executed in developer console, query will be something like this Integer count = [select count() from object_name];

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