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licenses are the node or are they floating?

Say I buy 100 licenses for my company...is it for 100 separate users? or is it for 100 simultaneous users...meaning 500 users can use it....as all may not need to use it at the same time?

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Yes licenses can be used simultaneous, they are not specific to users, when any user is not active then you can disable them and assign it to some other user. I hope I answered your question. If not then lets discuss it in our class


So if I have say 100 users in my company then do I buy 100 licenses or do I buy just 50 licenses knowing that at one time only 50 or even less will login. This is how we do when we deal with multinational companies and also different geographic locations in USA in different time zones.

Yes let us discuss in class.


Exactly, buy only those many number of licenses which all active users will be using, so if you are saying only 40 users out of 100 at a time will be using salesforce then buy only 40

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