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Trying to add time-dependant task to workflow rule

Hi all,

I'm going through the Force.com Fundamentals book (ver 6). I'm on page 216, where I'm supposed to add a time-dependent workflow task to my workflow rule for the Position object:

My workflow rule already has a field update workflow action. I'm just trying to add a time-dependant workflow task on the same rule.
My first step, of course, was to add a time trigger (3 days after rule trigger date), which should allow me to allow me to add a workflow action based on this time trigger.
After playing with it, I realized I'm just unable to add a task for my Position object (task option is not available when trying to add a workflow action to a rule for Position object, and Position object is not available on drop-down when trying to directly create a task. I can add add any of the other 3 workflow actions for the Position object, just not a task.

Anybody know why?

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Looks like you did create a new Object called "Position".

Go to Setup --> Build --> Create --> Objects --> Position --> Edit.
Scroll down to "Optional Features" and check "Allow Activities".
And Save :-)

Now, you should be able to see the "New Task" under "Add Workflow Action".
And also you should be able to see the "Position" object when creating "New Task".

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