Queues for Custom Objects

We have seen that Queues can be created for : Leads , Cases & Custom Objects.

Queues can be used in Assignment Rules for:Leads & Cases

In which scenario Queues can be used for Custom Objects?

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Queues for Custom Object can be used in Approval Process....


It depends on use case,lets say I am using a custom object to track the referrals coming into Salesforce . So, as referrals come I want some Sales guy to work on it,so I can assign them to queue.

Lets say Job Applicant record is requires to be reviewed before passing on to recruiter. So we are using Approval Process for Same, there is a Team among whom any one can approve that record, in that scenario we can assign the record to a Queue for Approval.


In 1st example of Referrals, by Assigning you mean Sharing?

Becoz Sharing only allows record to be shared with : Public Groups,Users,Roles,Roles & Subordinates...


Not Sharing Rule... Assigning we mean ownership of the record. As a record is created in my system I can update the owner to required queue using say workflow rule or trigger.


ok thnx....that means WF rule or trigger can change Owner of any record to any User as well apart from Queue?.

I am assuming WF Rule / Trigger will fail if the new Owner's profile doesn't have access to that Object or if that Object's OWD is Private?


Your assumption is half correct.

Case 1 :- Profile Doesn't have access to Object -- There would be an Error Message, as owner should have atleast Read Access

Case 2 :- OWD is Private --- No error as OWD just defines that by default with whom this record is shared, forceully one can make anyone as owner no issues in it.

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