cannot connect to CDH3 VM from FileZilla

I installed CDH3 vm on windows 7 enterprise machine. After I installed fileZilla i am not able to connect to this vm on port 22. It says connection timed out. CDH3 vm says vmware tools are not installed and prompts me to install when I login with 'cloudera' account. Once I click on 'OK' to install vmware tools, it throws an error that CD/DVD ROM device is not mounted.

Can anyone advise on this if you faced this issue?

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Hi Raj,

Please check the ipaddress on the VM, using ifconfig, it seemed to change for me every time I connect. Also, I used winscp, and it was straight forward. Have not tried filezilla, but based on the connection settings in winscp, make sure you are connecting using sftp.


hi Raj,

With Cloudera, you don't need Filezilla to transfer files. Open the windows explorer, similarly open the explorer from cloudera desktop. Select file from windows and drop into cloudera directory.