Unable to turn on Acceleration in VM Hard Disk


I have downloaded the VMBox from following link-
https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads, have installed the same and created a Virtual Hard disk for installing Cloudera on the same. I have Windows 8 32 Bit. I am facing an issue as I am unable to enable Virtualization from BIOS on my laptop so I am unable to run the above created Virtual machine. Can I use Hyper-V to install Cloudera or is there any other way I can deal with this issue.

Could you please guide me with the same? I have a class starting on May 30th.

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hi Alpna,

Hadoop requires 64 bit OS support. You cannot enable Hadoop on 32 bit machine.



Thanks for your response. In case if I do not install the same on my machine, Can I access Dezyre's HADOOP cluster?

Under My courses, there are 3 installation options available, if I am not wrong..one out of the 3 is required. Pls clarify.