Unexpected internal error in PIG script

I am executing PIG statements on grunt shell and all off a sudden I start getting "Unexpected Internal Error: and after that I get the same error in all the statements unless I quit and start PIG shell again. Does anyone has any idea about the same? I am stucked because of this.

In the logs it show NullPointerException

I am attaching log file for reference.

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hi Alpana,

Please paste the error and also what steps/data are you executing/loading.



I am executing the following commands-

nydailyprices = LOAD '/user/cloudera/NasdaqAssignment/input/NASDAQ_daily_prices_A.csv' using PigStorage(',') AS (exchange:chararray,stock_symbol:chararray,date:chararray,stock_price_open:float,stock_price_high:float,stock_price_low:float,stock_price_close:float,stock_volume:float,stock_price_adj_close:float);

volume_records = foreach nydailyprices generate stock_symbol, stock_volume;

group_result = group volume_records by stock_symbol ;

grouped_volume_records = foreach group_result generate group , SUM(volume_records.stock_volume) as volume;

ordered_records = order grouped_volume_records by volume desc;

limit_result = limit ordered_records 5;

Initially I was getting error after last statement (limit_result), but now I am getting error after ordered_records statement itself. And after this if I execute again any statement that also gives error.

2015-06-18 22:19:39,081 [main] ERROR org.apache.pig.tools.grunt.Grunt - ERROR 2999: Unexpected internal error. null
Details at logfile: /home/cloudera/Alpna/module4-py/pig_1434691029013.log

Log File is attached already



Could you please respond on this ASAP, I am stucked due to this.