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Hello Dezyre support team,

Thanks for having this certification class. The classes went pretty fast, I didn't get a chance to really do hands on much. Also, I am on vacation for couple of weeks starting next week (which I told before joining for the class). I am planning to work on certification project in September, would that be okay? Also, the instructor explained the project in the class, I am not sure if that is just end of the course project or the certification project. Would you please guide me with this? Also, when I start working on my project, who from Dezyre I can seek help from. I feel somehow lost now and would appreciate your guidance.

Thanks a bunch.


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hi Karuna,

All the assignments or hands on need to be done one the respective session/topic is completed. As explained by the instructor, the project is for the final certification. You can start work on the project based on your current work load, set a date for yourself in which you can complete the project and make sure to send the project files, configirations ,word file with steps , screenshots.


I am in the same situation Karuna. Maybe we can work together on this:

Kris Liebold


Thanks Dezyre team for that. I will first go thru all the class recording one more time, do all the assignments and when ready (sometime in September) will start on the project. Do you have a template for submitting the project?

I will send out an email to support for any help I may need on the project or otherwise.



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