Error in scheduling oozie job

When I try to run oozie scheduler, I am getting the following not found error. The file is present. Any idea what am I doing wrong? Greatly appreciate your kind help .... Thanks

[cloudera@localhost oozie]$ oozie job -oozie http://localhost:11000/oozie -config /user/cloudera/WordCountTest/ -run configuration file [/user/cloudera/WordCountTest/] not found
at org.apache.oozie.cli.OozieCLI.getConfiguration(
at org.apache.oozie.cli.OozieCLI.jobCommand(
at org.apache.oozie.cli.OozieCLI.processCommand(
at org.apache.oozie.cli.OozieCLI.main(
configuration file [/user/cloudera/WordCountTest/] not found

[cloudera@localhost oozie]$ hadoop dfs -ls /user/cloudera/WordCountTest/
DEPRECATED: Use of this script to execute hdfs command is deprecated.
Instead use the hdfs command for it.

Found 1 items
-rw-r--r-- 3 cloudera cloudera 166 2015-10-08 13:13 /user/cloudera/WordCountTest/

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Please ignore this Q... I figured out the answer by myself ... Thanks anyways


thank you Karuna for the update

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