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when calling the flume agent the entire process is running and having no errors,but the problem is i am unable to see the data in tweets. What may be the reason?can anyone help me?

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Hi Hemanthi,
Please share the flume.cong file and also shared the output you are getting.



There is an error/exception in the output however there is not an issue that can be found with the flume.conf file
Copy the conf file in the flume conf directory and try to rerun the command.

Exception in the output text file
15/11/09 15:06:08 WARN conf.FlumeConfiguration: Could not configure sink HDFS due to: No channel configured for sink: HDFS
org.apache.flume.conf.ConfigurationException: No channel configured for sink: HDFS

Reattempt the import it should work.


thank you deb and abhijit now i am getting the expected output.