I cannot connect to AWS server

My AWS login is failing with the error on the image below. I was able to work with it until yesterday. Today I was not able to connect. This error is occuring when i load the save server_login. I tried to create new connection with the provided private key and the connection failed with error"username ec2-user the server refused our key." apprecaite quick response as i need to prepare my class for tomorrow.

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Hi Patrice
We migrated to a new AWS cluster. So the private key and EC2 IP has changed. Please download the new manual and try again. Let me know if that does not help.
DeZyre Support


I was able to connect with the connection credentials. But
1- How can you migrate without telling us to back up our work? Everything we worked on is gone.
2- Almost all hadoop commands are failing even -ls, -mkdir. it is another issue of right as previously pointed out?


Hi Patrice,
Sorry for inconvenience.
Please read the instruction manual properly. You are missing one steps:
- su - hduser

When you login as hduser. You can run the complete sets of hadoop command.
Hope this helps.

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