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any gui available for hbase ??

is there any gui available for hbase, so that we can do tasks like create, get , put by just clicking a particular link.. and hence we can easily visualize what we are doing because it is really very uncomfortable to me to do working on hbase command prompt.
so is there any gui available for hbase??? so it will be very helpfull to me..

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Yes, we do have Namenode, HDFS, JobTracker, Hbase, etc UI's.

We are not sharing UI informations with student because of the following reasons:
1. They are not familiar with Interface of Ambari(Hortonworks Manager). We share this only with Hadoop Administrator students because this is the part of their curriculum.
2. Ambari is very sensitive zone for Hortonworks Cluster. Any small error may cause failure of node or service.
3. We don't provide support for it.

I hope you understand our concern for not sharing these sensitive information to students.


ok. thanks abhijit !!

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