How much of Java Should I know ?


How much of Java Should I know if I have to succeed the regular course completion?

And how much of Java should i know to complete the IBM track ?

I'm a non-java person, so I'm wondering how is it even possible to learn both Java and Hadoop to a decent level in just 3 weeks time.

Please let me know your thoughts.




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Hi Senth,

We are sorry for the delayed response.

Basic knowledge of Java should be helpful to learn Hadoop and work on the projects.
We believe you have received access to our free Java course which you can go through and that should enough to complete both tracks.

If you any programming experience like C, C++, C#, JavaScipt, etc. will help you understand the concept easily and faster.

As you have lifetime access to our live classes, you can always change the batch and re-attend the live classes as many times as you wish. Hence, there is no time restriction to complete the course.