Where are the SSH keys to access the IBM cloud instance for the training?


I have not received the ssh keys to access the cloud instance for Hadoop project based training

Can you please email it to me?

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To download the document to connect to AWS, please follow the steps:

1. Login to your Dezyre dashboard.

2. In the Home page, under "My Courses" select "Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training".

3. In course, home page - scroll down little until you find "Installation: Option 2: Remote access to DeZyre AWS EC2 Server -->Resources

4. Select the resource from right-hand panel to "Download" button respective of your OS.

5. The document contains all the steps required to connect to AWS.

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  It will be your username @ the following link..you can use putty or terminal to connect. Thanks!

  ssh username@systemt.datascientistworkbench.com