Will this dezyre course on dev 401 will be enough to crack Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I?


I found that dev401 is obsolete.I found  that the similar one , Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I.  What is the difference between these two? Or is it altogether a different one? Will this  dezyre course  on dev 401  will be enough to crack  Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I?

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I agree with you that the Dezyre 401 course was out of date.  I had to add to the course information by filling in using  online help... Trailheads are helpful, but it takes forever to find the right trailheads to be 100% successful on a test... I just can't believe that planning how to study is as difficult a chore as actually studying for the test.  If it weren't my reality, it would actually be hilarious!

I am very disappointed that SFDC has not been responsible to its biggest fans ( those of us who want to get certified because we believe in the value the platform provides).  Why is it so difficult to provide official, accurate, and up to date information?  I am very frustrated as well...

Anyway, this is perhaps the best site I have found:  http://certification.salesforce.com/credentialoverview .

Good luck.




I would like to add that was was even more disappointed in Dezyre because I felt that they had a winning game plan.  A course instructor, a curriculum ( though out of date) that addresses the specifics of the exact exam...

This was the winning plan for us to succeed and they dropped the ball by not keeping their curriculum up to date...

Its really too bad ( for them and for us)... I recommended them a few years ago, but I won't today...