VM Ware and cloudera-quickstart-vm-4.4.0-1-vmware - Issue in starting up


Hi Karan and Team, 

I'm following the document provided in the resource section for installation of VM and Cloudera. I have downloaded the cloudera-quickstart-vm-4.4.0-1-vmware and VM Ware Player. I'm facing below error when the VM boot process starts.

Error Message:

Existing Intel PXE ROM

Operating System not found.

Any inputs on this would be helpful..

Hope I'm able to explain the issue properly and let me know if you need further details about it.





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Hi Surjeet,

Please make sure you have followed the below steps:
1. Download the Cloudera Quick Start VM.
2. Extract the downloaded file into a folder.
3. Select Option Virtual machine option in Vmware Player/Workstation.
4. Power-on/Play the Virtual machine.

Please let me know if you have followed all the steps and still facing the issue.



Thanks Abhijit help. I was able to make it work through both VM Ware and Virtual Box. Looks like I was starting the machine incorrectly in VM Ware. 
When I open/import a VM, it's taking around 15-20 minutes to boot up, can we reduce the boot time? 
And, Which VM Player is good to be used in class room? VM Ware or Oracle Virtual Box?
Surjeet Grover