emp.txt for pig demo/exercise


Where is the emp.txt for pig demo for module7?  I see emp.txt in module2 which is not the same as what you were demoing in class.  I need to put the correct emp.txt file in hadoop in order to practice pig commands.  Please let me asap.

hadoop fs -put /home/cloudera/class5/input-data/emp.txt /user/cloudera/class5/input/emp/

A= LOAD '/user/cloudera/class5/input/emp/emp.txt' using PigStorage(',') as (name:chararray,age:int,salary:int,dept_id:int);

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Unzip the jar: input-data-pig, available in the Module 7 folder.. It has a collection of all data files for this module, including, emp.txt.  Regards, Sri


yeah thank you.  I found it.