Installing MySQL


Accorinding to this link

1.  I downloaded the zip file for 64 bit and unziped it

2. Scond step is to "Double click at the extract file and click on install MySQL Product".  

Which extract file I double click after unzipping it?  Can you be specific?  I do not see any setup (executable file) to start installing.

Pls let me know asap.





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I need to install MySQL to do the exercises.  Can somone respond?


Hi Sohail,

Please use the below link for installer, download the 230.4 MB installer option:

It is direct installer, let me know if you still face any issue.



This installer is for 2 bit.  I have a 64 bit laptop.  Do you have direct installer for that?



Hi Sohail,

It will work for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit.

Hope this helps.



It is not working.  I tried multiple times.  It does allow me to select the product to install. Do you have instructions for it?  Did you try on your machine?


Is anyone able to install MySQL.  If yes, pls let me know how you did it.



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