access to Dezyre Cluster?I am unable to practice.




I have raised a ticket on 

Wed, Jun 20, 2:23 AM (4 days ago)

For Reference sharing the Ticket ID.

Ticket Received - [#12086] Hadoop Cloud lab access


I am getting a response from as : 

Response #1 : Dezyre Cluster Server Under Maintenance.  I will be up and running in 2 days.

Response #2 : Updating the Document.

Response #3 : Our Team will, be in touch with you Shortly.  ( Today by 11:00 A.M ) got this response.  Still the team is trying to reach me?....



Is it resolved?  I am unable to practice.

Could you provide me with the resources to get access to Dezyre Cluster?

Cloud server Name / Ip Address.

User Name : 

Password : 

Where and whom to get connected to get the solution?  Is there is any support Number?  Is there is any support person available?  Wrote so many emails to

If I am calling support number it is reaching Voicemail Box.

Afte So many days, getting an improper reply?

Can someone help?


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