Running Project Twitter Demo - Permission denied on starting the flume-agent


On executing the commnad "flume-ng agent -n TwitterAgent -f flume-twitter-partioned.conf" in step 5 of the  Twitter Demo project, I am presented with following error:

Permission denied: user=root, access=WRITE, inode="/user/cloudera/twitter":cloudera:cloudera:drwxr-xr-x

My  setting in the "conf" file is: TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.path = /user/cloudera/twitter/%Y/%m/%d/%H/

A quick response would be much appreciated.

Regards, Sri




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Hi Sridhar,

Please change the path from /user/cloudera/twitter to /user/hduser/twitter. Please make sure other students have not created the twitter folder by using command: $hadoop fs -ls /user/hduser

Please let me know if you have any other questions.