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Development Environment Cluster Configuration - Apache Spark And Scala



If there is an interview question asked.  Question Regarding : Apache Spark And Scala

  1. What is your Cluster Configuration?  (  Development Environment ) 

    Development Environment Cluster Configuration

    I am not expecting, the answer as it depends.  Give me the anser for mid-size cluster. 

    Software configuration : 

    Hadoop Version : 

    Hive Version : 

    Hbase Version :

    Scala Version : 

    Kafka Version : 

    Hardware Configuration :

    Basic Hadoop Cluster :

         NO of Name Node : 1

         NO of Secndary Name Node : 1

        No of Data Nodes  :    


        Size of Spark Cluster : 

        Is there is any components to be included for Spark Cluster ???? :

    Dezyre Team : Could you help me to get the answer from Faculties.  

    Thanks and Regards,

    Parthiban Arjunan.

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