3. Write Map Reduce Program for Deidentification problem -> mask email field


I wrote a mapreduce  program for this assignment which  seems to be working! . If I can get any other  solution , it would be good to compare and learn. I am posting my approach as a attached text file. Thanks 



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Very nice Kumaran. I wil try this too. I want to write a mapreduce program to group results by two fields.



state, city, count(population) as total_population I am not sure how to group data by two fields. I will try to see how to wrtie the program. You can try as well.


Hi Kan,

Thanks for sharing an interesting scenario . I am reading that it can be done via composite keys ... In your example  state and city together should form a key. A similar scenario is solved in 


I will try to write the program and post results. Lets see how it goes


Hi Kan,

I have attached the program. Basically the columns in groupby clause of sql query  form a composite key  class in the program. In this case State and city.





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