Not able to resume VM



Somehow i am not able to resume the virtual machine. When i click  "Resume the Virtual Machine"  it is open a small window and minimize immediately. I have retsrated all virtual machine processed except  VMware Authorization Service which i am not able and when i am trying i am getting this error as attached. Wondering how would i resume my VM.

Any help would be appriciated.



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Hi Rajesh,

Could you please try to change the hardware configuration to RAM to 8GB and CPU core to 2 core.
The cloudera need atleast 8GB of hardware configuration.

Please click on the "Resume on the machine" and if it doesn't work. Use the force shutdown avaialble in the menu bar.

To shut down a virtual machine that is suspended, select the virtual machine and click VM > Power > Power Off.

Hope this helps.



Hi Abhijit,

I tried evreything the way you had mentioned but still it did not work. Let me know if you have some other sugestion or if we can have a one to one session. I am keep sending email and calling just for this small issue butnot getting respond immediately. If you guys don't want to help i can find some other way but please don't waste myt time.



Hi ,

Anyone going to contact me? This is the most worst coaching institution i have ever seen. I will give my feedback accordingly. Thanks and bye.


Hi Abhijiti,

Are you available now? I am still facining issue iwth VM5.13 and i need to switch back to 5.7. Plase call me at 732 856 4090.