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I am working on MAC with very low memory , hence opted for "Option 2: Remote access to DeZyre Hadoop Clusters - Resources"

One of the steps involved is installation of openvpn using URL -

The download doesnt have any .dmg file for install , what are my options ? Do you have mac installable that can be placed on a shared google drive ?



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Hi Naveen,

You can use tunnelblick for the same. Here is the download link:

Hope this helps.


Hi Naveen,

Iam also folowing option 2.I downloaded dmg file from te above link but it is not executable file.Coud you please let me know if openVPN is working for you now?



Hi Radhika,

DMG is file for Mac. If you system is windows please download the file from the link available in the document. 


Thanks .


Radhika, I am able to use option 2 now, however, I can only use it only I upgraded my memory from 4gb to 8gb. I used to memory issues earlier. Let me know of this helps

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