Cloudera Manager login page is not opening. Please help.


I followed the document in LMS under Option 1 to install VM Cloudera quickstart.Cloudera Manager is taking long time on my laptop to load and I am not getting the login page even after a long wait.

My system configuration is :Intel Pentium CPU N3520. 2.16 GHz,RAM 4 GB 64 bit OS.

Please let me know if there is different document for CDH3 or should we follow the same document which is given in LMS(CDH4)?

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Hi Radhika,

Your system hardware configuration is not sufficient for CDH-4 and CDH-3 is no longer supported and available to download.

You can either install the hadoop in your system which only require 2GB for VM or use remote access of dezyre lab for class practice.

Hope this helps.