Cannot find Hands-On-In-Class Button. Please help me


Hello, I cannot find Hands-On-In-Class button. Where is it? I watched the video but cannot see the button on my course page. Thank you!

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It turns out that is old stuff, or at least not used in this class.  Review the Sunday, Feb 24 class video, about the last 30-45 minutes, and it goes through installing Anaconda.  I don't remember, but I think at the end of that video they show using Jupyter Notebook.  Jupyter Notebook is basically what we use instead of the Hands-On Classroom.  From the start of the class video today, Mar 2 they are using Jupyter Notebook.

Again, the Feb 24 class, I thought said install/run Anaconda 2x, but today Mar 2, we had a new instructor and it was recommended to install Anaconda 3x.