If there are files shared concerning March 9th


Pls share the files with me as well. Sakshi was talking about available files of the class of March 9th.

In the future, maybe we can use Google Drive for a quick access.

Thank you

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Dear Charita & All

The files have already been uploaded in the shared drive which you have been accessing for checking the rest of the files. Not sure why you guys are not able to access the python files this time. I am checking this with the support team and have asked them to communicate once this issue is resolved, Be rest assured that you guys would be able to go through them in details before you have the next session.


Ok thank you Kalyan! I have just checked, everyting is there. Usually it comes with a notification in Gmail, which was rather missing.


Thats great. Please go ahead with and practise.


Dear Dennis,

Could you please refresh the page. There should be folders as per session date which would contain the corresponding content.

Some of your mates are able to access these. files and folders We are parallely working to sort out the issue. Let me know if you could acces these.


Uploading some of the handy short cuts which I happen to find in the internet. Please go through these


Not sure what I did this time that worked better, but, it worked.  Thank you.

Please help Sakshi get direct Google Drive access to post what she needs to indepently.


Thank you.


Hi Indu,

I have access and no problems with it.

Maybe you should reload Google Drive?