Review of the April 7 Batch of - Machine Learning Course


Hi All,

Just wanted to discuss the next class that many of us had indicated as likely next in our DeZyre study sequence - the Machine Learning Course.  I feel like we had the expectation that our current course would be cut short - or - the ML Course would have a delayed start.

From what I can tell neither are happening, unless they will run two ML courses in parallel.

So I was on the DyZyre site this afternoon doing my "James Bond" act (reconnissance).  This morning I received an email, subject: "Reminder: 7th April - Machine Learning Training starts in 1 hour", and it did.  I have spent a bit of time seeing what that course will be, by reviewing the video that is now posted.

Here are my bullet points for what it is worth:
 - Instructor sounds highly qualified
 - I am posting am image that shows the syllabus and a few nice resources he mentioned (details below).
 - I remember asking Sakshi...this current Data Science course seems to have a lot of ML??
 - Per the image and ML course instructor...he is going to be covering so much of what we have been doing
     - seems like close to a full duplication (my opinion there would be we just compressed a bit to much in this current course)
 - I think missing the April 7, and April 13 will be fine for us - just watch the recordings.
 - Not much else to say about the content of this next course - I find it a relief that I get a second instructor's approach.

 - further about specific opening tips the ML Course teacher gave in the first 20 mins of the Sunday, April 7, recording
     - as mentioned the syllabus
     - a brilliant reference to this google site:
         - this colab site is a Jupyter Notebook host that has all the libraries installed and saves your NBs directory to your Drive!
         - He recommends the 3rd Edition of "Learn Python 3 The Hard Way".  Sounds like 50 things to know.  I found a free pdf.
         - - a resource for learning python.  He describe problem difficulty calibrated to your accomplishments.
     - I think he gives the python references early but then states 'we will only learn the python we need for ML'.
 - During the first 30 mins of the recording he indicates that some type of Google Drive or access
   to the the .ipynb files he is sharing will be communicated to the class members during the upcoming week
     - so this will be the point to follow-up on and ensure you get the access
     - He indicates that about 30 minutes before class each week materials would be shared on this Drive.
        - I think it was .ipynbs format, for the days class

Hopefully the confusion is lifted for some of you, and this seems like a relatively easy path.



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Wow, That's so nice of you Dennis to give a snapshot.  Actually I had expected more learning on numpy, pandas, matplotlib etc in the DS course. Yes, you are right that lot of ML covered in DS course and would be good for us I believe.

Thanks for sharing the links. I was in the ML class for some time and was good.




Can anyone of you share the last part of the slides too (where we start with desicion trees)? I have asked already a couple of times but there is no response from the admin. Thank you


Thank you Indu.  Very nice.  That is a nice site as well.  I could not resist and subscribed to it earlier today.


Thank you.


Thanks Indu.The rest of the slides where shared over the chat of April 7th. Raj, do you have those because Sakshi promised it?


Missing PCA, Desicion trees, etc of the shared ppt of March 31st


I just wanted to offer a bit more about that first ML session recording I started this thread with.

I did get an email and access to Google Drive Share for this course.  I was able to obtain the first session notebook.  I see "Raj" and some others listed as classmates - so hope you received the same.  If not and interested, please work with DZ Support to get that.

About the rest of the first session - two more comments (and he is smart and well paced in his delivery):

 - don't miss the part from 1:15 in the recording to 1:52:30.  It is about list comprehensions.  I will need to watch this a second time, but you can tell it is a powerful technique.  The actual start may be closer to 1:20 but it seems he is starting on a roll at about 1:15.

- The rest of the class is not required - he follows the development that is found on the shared notebook closely.  He does give some strong teaching about matrix math, so that is valuable.  This matrix math discussion is weaved in with the Shopping Cart example at about 2:05.  He also shows a bit of his knack for detail and frequently shows a "pretty formatting" using $$var-name$$ sytax.   I imaage we could become exports at providing mathmatical notations in notebook.

Ok, and yes...I have a little too much time on my hands lately.



Thanks Dennis , Very helpful information.. Thank you for taking the time and sharing.  Thank you Indu for doing the same,.   I was very busy last week so did not get a chance to look into the course stuff.  I thought today will be our last class but there is no option to join live session. I guess the course is done.  



Did anyone received the link for ML? Can you share it here?

Thank you