Working for Bajaj Capital. What advise to give a HNI client?Ansal Properties

i am commerce graduate tieup with bajaj capital (feb2012)1 of my client is interested in making invstment 5L but he asked me to decide/advice
he is ready to invest for long term/short term.but he want to earn 12-15%P.A after deducting tax i advice him to invest in ANSAL PROPERTIES COMPANY FD(for 3 yrs) 12.5%P.A compounded yearly .HE IS HNI,what will be your advice vivek sir?

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it means he is expecting 21% pre tax returns which is sky high expectation. Tell him over a period of time u can get decent returns. Decent returns as per me is 12-15% pre tax. Investing in real estate FDs is not advisable.

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