How to append output from a for loop to a list in R?

How to append output from a for loop to a list in R?

How to append output from a for loop to a list in R?

This recipe helps you append output from a for loop to a list in R


Recipe Objective

Loops are an important feature in R-language. It helps us to iterate through vectors, lists and process required functions to its elements. They help us to implement complex logic which requires a repetitive step. ​

In this recipe, we will demonstrate how to use a for loop to append it's output in a list as rows using indexing technique. ​

Steps to be follow are: ​

  1. Defining an empty dataframe
  2. Defining a for loop with iterations equal to the no of rows we want to append.
  3. Using indexing technique to append the output of one iteration to the list

list1  = list()

for (i in vector_indicating_no_of_elements){

  output = [output of one iteration]
  list1[[length(list1) + 1]] = output


Create a list of 5 elements with each element corresponding to the following function: ​

(i^3) ; where: i is the corresponding element index ​

# Defining an empty dataframe list1 = list() # Defining a for loop with 5 iterations for (i in 1:5) { output = i^3 # Using indexing techni to append the output of one iteration to the dataframe list1[[length(list1) + 1]] = output } #printing the list print(list1) ​
[1] 1

[1] 8

[1] 27

[1] 64

[1] 125

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