How to append output of a for loop in a python dataframe?

How to append output of a for loop in a python dataframe?

How to append output of a for loop in a python dataframe?

This recipe helps you append output of a for loop in a python dataframe


Recipe Objective

In python, while operating on list, we might need to store each loop output in a dataframe with each iteration.

So this recipe is a short example on how to append output of for loop in a pandas dataframe. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Import the library

import pandas as pd

Let's pause and look at these imports. Pandas is generally used for data manipulation and analysis.

Step 2 - Setup the Data

df= pd.DataFrame({'Table of 9': [9,18,27], 'Table of 10': [10,20,30]})

Let us create a dataframe containing some tables of 9 and 10.

Step 3 - Appending dataframe in a for loop

for i in range(4,11): df=df.append({'Table of 9':i*9,'Table of 10':i*10},ignore_index=True)

Comparing to append function in list, it applies a bit different for dataframe. As soon as any dataframe gets appnended using append function, it is note reflected in original dataframe. To store the appended information in a dataframe, we again assign it back to original dataframe.

Step 4 - Printing results


Simply use print function to print new appended dataframe.

Step 5 - Let's look at our dataset now

Once we run the above code snippet, we will see:

Scroll down to the ipython notebook below to see the output.

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