How to connect MySQL DB in Python?

How to connect MySQL DB in Python?

How to connect MySQL DB in Python?

This recipe helps you connect MySQL DB in Python

In [3]:
## How to connect MySQL DB in Python
def Snippet_166():
    print(format('How to connect MySQL DB in Python','*^82'))
    import warnings
    # load libraries
    import sqlalchemy as sa
    import pandas as pd

    dataset = pd.read_csv("")
    engine_str = (
       user      =  'root',
       password  =  'root888',
       server    =  'localhost',
       database  =  'datasciencerecipes'))
    engine = sa.create_engine(engine_str)
    conn = engine.connect()

    # check whether connection is Successful or not
    if (conn):
        print("MySQL Connection is Successful ... ... ...")
        print("MySQL Connection is not Successful ... ... ...")

    dataset.to_sql(name='irisdata', con=engine,
                   if_exists = 'replace', chunksize = 1000,
************************How to connect MySQL DB in Python*************************
MySQL Connection is Successful ... ... ...

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