How to create a new column based on a condition in Python?

How to create a new column based on a condition in Python?

How to create a new column based on a condition in Python?

This recipe helps you create a new column based on a condition in Python

Recipe Objective

Adding a new column in python is a easy task. But have you tried to add a column with values in it based on some condition. Like a column with values which depends on the values of another column. For a small data set with few numbers of rows it may be easy to do it manually but for a large dataset with hundreds of rows it may be quite difficult to do it manually.

We can do this hectic manual work with few lines of code. We can create a function which will do it for us for all the rows.

So this recipe is a short example of how can create a new column based on a condition in Python.

Step 1 - Import the library

import pandas as pd import numpy as np

We have imported pandas and numpy. No other library is needed for the this function.

Step 2 - Creating a sample Dataset

Here we have created a Dataframe with columns. We have used a print statement to view our initial dataset. data = {"name": ["Jason", "Molly", "Tina", "Jake", "Amy"], "age": [42, 52, 63, 24, 73], "preTestScore": [4, 24, 31, 2, 3], "postTestScore": [25, 94, 57, 62, 70]} print(df) df = pd.DataFrame(data, columns = ["name", "age", "preTestScore", "postTestScore"]) print(); print(df)

Step 3 - Creating a new column

We are building condition for making new columns.

  • If the value of age is greater then 50 then print yes in column elderly@50
  • If the value of age is greater then 60 then print yes in column elderly@60
  • If the value of age is greater then 70 then print yes in column elderly@70
df["elderly@50"] = np.where(df["age"]>=50, "yes", "no") df["elderly@60"] = np.where(df["age"]>=60, "yes", "no") df["elderly@70"] = np.where(df["age"]>=70, "yes", "no") print(df) As an output we get:

    name  age  preTestScore  postTestScore
0  Jason   42             4             25
1  Molly   52            24             94
2   Tina   63            31             57
3   Jake   24             2             62
4    Amy   73             3             70

    name  age  preTestScore  postTestScore elderly@50 elderly@60 elderly@70
0  Jason   42             4             25         no         no         no
1  Molly   52            24             94        yes         no         no
2   Tina   63            31             57        yes        yes         no
3   Jake   24             2             62         no         no         no
4    Amy   73             3             70        yes        yes        yes

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