How to deal with Date & Time Basics in Python?

How to deal with Date & Time Basics in Python?

How to deal with Date & Time Basics in Python?

This recipe helps you deal with Date & Time Basics in Python

This data science python tutorial does the following: 1. Imports the necessary libraries for date-time manipulation. 2. Filters out date, month and year using functions. 3. Use of delta function in context of timeseries. 4. Arithmetic transformation on timestamped data.
In [1]:
## How to deal with Date & Time Basics in Python
def Kickstarter_Example_55():
    print(format('How to deal with Date & Time Basics in Python','*^82'))
    import warnings

    # Load Libraries
    from datetime import datetime
    from datetime import timedelta
    # Create a variable with the current time
    now =
    print(); print(now)
    # The current year
    print(); print(now.year)
    # The current month
    print(); print(now.month)
    # The current day
    print(); print(
    # The current hour
    print(); print(now.hour)
    # The current minute
    print(); print(now.minute)
    # The difference between two dates
    delta = datetime(2011, 1, 7) - datetime(2011, 1, 6)
    print(); print(delta)
    # The difference days
    print(); print(delta.days)
    # The difference seconds
    print(); print(delta.seconds)
    # Create a time
    start = datetime(2018, 1, 7)
    # Add twelve days to the time
    print(); print(start + timedelta(12))

******************How to deal with Date & Time Basics in Python*******************

2019-04-19 11:23:33.895987






1 day, 0:00:00



2018-01-19 00:00:00

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