How to Divide each element of a matrix by a numerical value?

How to Divide each element of a matrix by a numerical value?

How to Divide each element of a matrix by a numerical value?

This recipe helps you Divide each element of a matrix by a numerical value

This python source code does the following 1. Creates your won numpy array 2. Uses lambda function to perform arithmetic manipulation 3. Uses vectorize function to perform arithmetic manipulation
In [1]:
## How to Divide each electment of a matrix by a numerical value
def Kickstarter_Example_18():
    print(format('How to divide each element of a matrix by a numerical value',

    # Load library
    import numpy as np

    # Create two vectors
    matrixA = np.array([[2, 3, 23],
                       [5, 6, 25],
                       [8, 9, 28]])

    # Create a function that adds 100 to something
    add_100 = lambda i: i / 9

    # Create a vectorized function
    vectorized_add_100 = np.vectorize(add_100)

    # Apply function to all elements in matrix
    print(); print(vectorized_add_100(matrixA))

******How to divide each element of a matrix by a numerical value*******

[[0.22222222 0.33333333 2.55555556]
 [0.55555556 0.66666667 2.77777778]
 [0.88888889 1.         3.11111111]]

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