How to do annotation with ggplot2?

How to do annotation with ggplot2?

How to do annotation with ggplot2?

This recipe helps you do annotation with ggplot2

Recipe Objective

How to do annotation with ggplot2? An annotation is a note/ text written to provide information about particular data in any given plot i.e it provides metadata for the plots. In data visualization, metadata is very important as it provides us with additional important information for the plots. geom_text () and geom_line () are used for adding annotations over any plot using ggplot. This recipe demonstrates an example of annotations with ggplot2.

Step 1 - Install necessary library


Step 2 - Define a dataframe

# time series graph of random numbers over a period of 12 time units. data <- data.frame(x_value = c(2,3,5,6,3), y_value = c(8,7,2,6,4), labels = c("pt-A","pt-B","pt-C","pt-D","pt-E") ) print(data)

Step 3 - Plot a graph with annotations

Using the geom_text and geom_label to add annotations to our plot. Here the ggplot **syntax is — ggplot (data, aes (x,y) + geom_point ()+ geom_text ()+ geom_label)** where, data — input data aes (x,y) — the aes function — creates mapping from data to geom geom_point — geometric object for plotting points geom_text — for writing text in the plot geom_label — for giving labels to the data points

ggplot(data, aes(x_value,y_value)) + geom_point() + geom_text(aes(label = paste0("(", x_value,y_value, ")")), nudge_y = -0.25) + xlim(1, 10)+ geom_label(data = data, aes(label = labels))

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