How to do numerical operations in Python using Numpy?

How to do numerical operations in Python using Numpy?

How to do numerical operations in Python using Numpy?

This recipe helps you do numerical operations in Python using Numpy

In [1]:
## How to do numerical operations in Python using Numpy
def Kickstarter_Example_51():
    print(format('How to do numerical operations in Python using Numpy','*^82'))
    import warnings

    # Load Libraries
    import numpy as np
    # Create an array
    sales = np.array([4352, 233, 3245, 256, 2394])
    print(); print(sales)

    # Mean value of the array
    print(); print(sales.mean())

    # Total amount of deaths
    print(); print(sales.sum())

    # Smallest value in the array
    print(); print(sales.min())

    # Largest value in the array
    print(); print(sales.max())

***************How to do numerical operations in Python using Numpy***************

[4352  233 3245  256 2394]





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