How to find datatype of a variable in R?

How to find datatype of a variable in R?

How to find datatype of a variable in R?

This recipe helps you find datatype of a variable in R

Recipe Objective**

How to find the data type of a variable in R? Variables are reserved memory locations used to store values. Variables can be of different types known as data types such as numeric, integer, character, boolean, etc. Variables are assigned to R-objects and the data type of R-objects are the data types of a variable. class () , typeof () , mode () some of the functions which help determine the data type of vector. This recipe demonstrates how to find the data type of any vector input value using different functions.

Step 1 -Create input vectors

x <- "Hello World" y <- 3 z <- 53L

Stpe 2 - Use class() function

print(paste("class of x is : ",class(x)))
 "Output is" : character 
print(paste("class of y is : ",class(y)))
 "Output is" : numeric
print(paste("class of z is : ",class(z)))
 "Output is ": integer

Step 3 - Use typeof() function

print(paste("type of x is : ",typeof(x)))
 "Output is" : character

Step 4 - Use mode() function

print(paste("mode of x is : ",mode(x)))
 "Output is" : character

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