How to find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary?

How to find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary?

How to find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary?

This recipe helps you find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary

This data science python tutorial does the following; 1. Creates your own dictionary 2. Uses "zip" function to iterate over multiple values 3. Prints max and min value of a dictionary
In [1]:
## How to find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary
def Kickstarter_Example_57():
    print(format('How to find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary','*^82'))
    import warnings

    # Create A Dictionary
    ages = {'John': 21, 'Mike': 52, 'Sarah': 12, 'Bob': 43}

    # Find The Maximum Value Of The Values
    print('Maximum Value: '); print(max(zip(ages.values(), ages.keys())))

    print('Maximum Value: '); print(min(zip(ages.values(), ages.keys())))

***********************How to find MIN, MAX in a Dictionary***********************

Maximum Value:
(52, 'Mike')

Maximum Value:
(12, 'Sarah')

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