How to get hypernyms and hyponyms for a particular word?

How to get hypernyms and hyponyms for a particular word?

How to get hypernyms and hyponyms for a particular word?

This recipe helps you get hypernyms and hyponyms for a particular word


Recipe Objective

How to get hypernyms and hyponyms for a particular word?

As we have discussed earlier only about Wordnet, now lets understand about hypernyms and hyponyms.

hypernym is a term whose meaning includes the meaning of other words, its a broad superordinate label that applies to many other members of set. It describes the more broad terms or we can say that more abstract terms.

for e.g hypernym of labrador, german sheperd is dog.

hyponym is a term which is more specialised and specific word, it is a hierarchical relationship which may consist of a number of levels. These are the more specific term. for e.g. dog is a hyponym of animal.

Step 1 - Import the necessary libraries

from nltk.corpus import wordnet

Step 2 - Take a sample word in sysnsets

My_sysn = wordnet.synsets("Plane")[0]

Step 3 - Print the sysnset name

print("Print just the name:",
Print just the name: airplane.n.01

Step 4 - Print hypernym and hyponym

print("The Hypernym for the word is:",My_sysn.hypernyms(),'\n') print("The Hyponyms for the word is:",My_sysn.hyponyms())
The Hypernym for the word is: [Synset('heavier-than-air_craft.n.01')] 

The Hyponyms for the word is: [Synset('airliner.n.01'), Synset('amphibian.n.02'), Synset('biplane.n.01'), Synset('bomber.n.01'), Synset('delta_wing.n.01'), Synset('fighter.n.02'), Synset('hangar_queen.n.01'), Synset('jet.n.01'), Synset('monoplane.n.01'), Synset('multiengine_airplane.n.01'), Synset('propeller_plane.n.01'), Synset('reconnaissance_plane.n.01'), Synset('seaplane.n.01'), Synset('ski-plane.n.01'), Synset('tanker_plane.n.01')]

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