How to import a CSV file in Python?

How to import a CSV file in Python?

How to import a CSV file in Python?

This recipe helps you import a CSV file in Python

In [1]:
## How to import a CSV file in Python
def Snippet_171():
    print(format('How to import a CSV file in Python','*^82'))

    import warnings

    # load libraries
    import csv
    import numpy
    import pandas

    # Load CSV (using python)
    filename = ''
    raw_data = open(filename, 'rt')
    reader = csv.reader(raw_data, delimiter=',', quoting=csv.QUOTE_NONE)
    x = list(reader)
    data = numpy.array(x).astype('float')

    # Load CSV (using numpy)
    filename = ''
    raw_data = open(filename, 'rt')
    data = numpy.loadtxt(raw_data, delimiter=",")

    # Load CSV (using Pandas)
    filename = ''
    names = ['preg', 'plas', 'pres', 'skin', 'test',
             'mass', 'pedi', 'age', 'class']
    data = pandas.read_csv(filename, names=names)

************************How to import a CSV file in Python************************
(768, 9)
(768, 9)
(768, 9)

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