How to impute missing class labels in Python?

How to impute missing class labels in Python?

How to impute missing class labels in Python?

This recipe helps you impute missing class labels in Python

This python source code does the following : 1. Creates a numpy array with missing values 2. Builds up imputer along with parameter for imputing the values 3. Uses imputer "fit_transform" for filling out NaN values
In [2]:
## How to impute missing class labels in Python 
def Kickstarter_Example_27():
    print(format('How to impute missing class labels in Python', '*^82'))
    import warnings

    # Load libraries
    import numpy as np
    from sklearn.preprocessing import Imputer

    # Create Feature Matrix With Missing Values
    X = np.array([[2,       2.10, 1.45],
                  [1,       1.18, 1.33],
                  [2,       1.22, 1.27],
                  [0,       -0.21, -1.19],
                  [np.nan,  0.87, 1.31],
                  [np.nan, -0.67, -0.22]])

    # Create Imputer object
    imputer = Imputer(strategy='most_frequent', axis=0)

    # Fill missing values with most frequent class
    print(); print(X)
    print(); print(imputer.fit_transform(X))

*******************How to impute missing class labels in Python*******************

[[ 2.    2.1   1.45]
 [ 1.    1.18  1.33]
 [ 2.    1.22  1.27]
 [ 0.   -0.21 -1.19]
 [  nan  0.87  1.31]
 [  nan -0.67 -0.22]]

[[ 2.    2.1   1.45]
 [ 1.    1.18  1.33]
 [ 2.    1.22  1.27]
 [ 0.   -0.21 -1.19]
 [ 2.    0.87  1.31]
 [ 2.   -0.67 -0.22]]

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